The future of guitar amplification

With four decades of being a sound designer, BluGuitar owner Thomas Blug came up with the idea of creating an all analog Nanotube™ guitar amp design that is fexible enough to (re)-create any amp that he could think of - those that have excited us in the past as well as any ideas that might come in the futue.

With this in mind, Thomas and his team developed the gound-breaking Neural Analog Amp™ design, which offers the capability to edit and save analog circuit parameters at a component level - like a „virtual soldering iron“ for analog amp tuning.

Combined with BluGuitar’s 100 watts Nanotube™ power amp stage, wouldn’t this be the most powerful guitar amplifier ever?

Imagine ...

... a collection of the best tube amps of all time, in fully analog original quality, united in a single device.

Imagine ...

... you could freely combine these amps with all your favorite effects (analog, digital, mono, stereo) and an extensive speaker collection (based on IRs, with great dynamics) and store them in presets.

Imagine ...

... a huge online library of vintage amps. You'd find rare classics, priceless boutique amps, and unique sounds that you can transfer to your amp at any time.

Imagine ...

... your whole guitar rig shrinks down to just one pedal-sized device.










BluGuitar's "digital soldering iron" for analog amp tuning Combinations of analog circuitry and digital control have so far been limited to the control and storage of operating parameters such as tone control, gain, etc... The NEURAL-ANALOG-PREAMP™ – like the NANOTUBE-X power amp – offers for the first time the groundbreaking possibility to edit and save circuit parameters at component level. From a technical point of view, that’s like changing the circuit. With this new approach and the use of extremely small and lightweight components, AMP X can now authentically reproduce all kinds of classic tube amps in a true analog circuit. These defining parameters can then be stored as what we call "BlugPRINTs™"


The renowned 100 Watt NANOTUBE power amplifier of the AMP1 has been extended for the AMP X by a flexible headroom behavior: Similar to the NEURAL ANALOG-PREAMP™ we have direct access to sound shaping parameters like, power amp saturation or current feedback, and we can edit and save them. This allows us to authentically recreate the sound and playing feel of different power amps. In combination with our NEURAL-ANALOG-PREAMP™, this "neural" flexibility, enables us to reproduce all imaginable amp circuits.

Analog und digital Pre- and Post-Effects

With our puristic approach for AMP X, we designed discrete analog circuits for those effects that are best analog (compressor, booster, distortion, tremolo and wah-wah). The additional digital effects section works with a state-of-the-art 8-core DSP. For full signal integrity, the signal path remains fully analog as the digital effects are added to the direct analog signal.

Dynamic IRs

Today’s standard in Guitar speaker simulation is convolution technology using impulse responses (so-called IRs). IRs deliver a precise frequency response of the respective speaker – but only at a static volume. If the volume changes, the sound of the loudspeaker also changes. IRs cannot capture these dynamic sound changes, because they are static.

BluGuitar has solved this problem with the new Dynamic IR™ technology, which simulates the dynamic characteristic changes of the speaker tone. Dynamic IR™ delivers vibrant direct sounds like you have never heard before.


We've made the handling of the AMP X simple and clear, just like traditional tube amps. The control panel is recessed, well protected and directly accessible. For programming advanced settings (effect parameters, BluGuitar custom controls, cab simulations), a second control panel is hidden under an aluminum flap. For direct access to as many parameters as possible, this control panel provides dedicated controls with assigned functions as well as an OLED display for parameter control.


Digital technology has given us great flexibility by combining a great selection of sounds in only one device. But pro guitar players all over the world state that, compared to all analog amps, there still is a lack of feel and cut through. For the first time, AMP X delivers both: the sounds of all imaginable tube circuits in one compact device – and thanks to analog tube technology, you now even get the authentic and identical feel of the originals.

With our new neural technology, we can analyze, record and store the "DNA" of every sound and make it available to every AMP X user with our BlugPRINTs™. A BlugPRINT™ is the digital blueprint for controlling the analog AMP X circuit. Each BlugPRINT™ contains all information about sound-shaping parameters like gain structure, tone stack, power stage saturation, current feedback, etc.

BlugPrints Library

AMP X comes factory equipped with the renowned sounds of AMP1 Mercury Edition + Iridium Edition. In addition, all IRs of the BluBOX as well as a basic setup of analog and digital standard effects are on board. In addition, AMP X can be expanded by uploading additional BlugPRINT™ files. BlugPRINTs™ are available online in the BluGuitar web shop as AMPs (amplifier models), FX (effects) or CABs (speakers) in the BlugPRINT Sound Library. New tube amp and effect classics are constantly being added to this library. It is your database, source and access to the sound world of the AMP X at the same time. This makes AMP X a convertible and permanently expandable “Tube Tone Chameleon”.


ALL-IN-ONE - No extra pedal board needed: The AMP X-Wings can be mounted on both sides of the AMP X and, depending on space requirements, can be extended and fixed independently and steplessly. This enables the fixed integration of additional pedals for controlling special functions such as expression or wah pedals, additional foot switches or additional, beloved classics in the AMP X housing unit. This turns the AMP X into a pedal board that contains all devices and can be safely stowed away in the optional X-Bag.


  • • Fully programmable
  • • All-analog amp circuit
  • • Neural Analog Amp™ design
  • • 100 watt Nanotube™ X power amp
  • • Ships with tones from AMP1™ Mercury Edition and Iridium Edition
  • • Onboard analog effects (compressor, boost, overdrive, fuzz, tremolo)
  • • 8 core digital FX processing
  • • Pre/post, mono/stereo digital effects (chorus, phaser, flanger, univibe, delay, reverb)
  • • Dynamic IR™ stereo speaker emulation/recording output
  • • Get more amps, effects, and cabinets with the expandable BlugPrints™ sound library
  • • Flexible I/O: two speaker outputs, line output, headphone jack, effects loop, MIDI In/Out, two expression-pedal inputs
  • • AMP X Wings™ option to integrate additional pedals or controllers
  • • Universal power (100-240 volts)
  • • 9 volts phantom power option
  • • Weight: approx. 5 lbs.


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