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AMP1 - Nanotube 100


The world’s most compact amp head!

AMP1 is a fully analogue guitar amp with four separate channels, amplified by a novel 100-watt Class D power amp with an integrated tube.
AMP1 features a Clean channel and three Overdrive channels. Each of the four channels can be supplemented with an extra portion of gain via the built-in Boost control.

AMP1 is perfect for use without a loudspeaker, just with headphones or for “Silent Recording”. You can use AMP1 like an amp head on top of your cab, connect it up to your effects board and stompboxes, or simply have it on the floor in front of you. The underside of AMP1 also features a handy recess that allows the system to sit safely on cabs that have carry handles on top.


AMP1-Setup AmpHead

The amp at your feet

AMP1’s three illuminated footswitches let you select Clean/Overdrive, Boost and Reverb settings.

In a special Preset Mode, the three footswitches can also be programmed to bring up your preferred settings (using either the Clean, Vintage, Classic or Modern channel, and with Boost and Reverb either on or off).

REMOTE1 has been developed to enable direct access by footswitch to all four of AMP1’s channels, the FX loop, Reverb, Boost, a second Master Volume, and PowerSoak controls. A mono jack cable between AMP1 and REMOTE1 powers the system and simultaneously assigns all switching functions to REMOTE1.


AMP1-Setup StompAmp

Simply flexible

With AMP1 it’s possible to build a complete 100-watt guitar amp and effects setup on a single pedalboard for the first time ever. This will really help reduce the amount of cabling guitarists will need to use, which not only benefits their tone, but will also save the pro player an awful lot of time with assembly and clear-up before and after the gig.

Using the optional REMOTE1 foot pedal, all of AMP1’s functions can be directly selected, and Presets can be made. Consistent with the Presets, REMOTE1’s MIDI out can be used to switch programmes on external MIDI-capable effect devices.

If you want to control your AMP1 with another MIDI footswitch setup, then the MIDI1 Adapter is available.

For players who want to integrate their favourite FX pedals into the AMP1 guitar system, the optional Looper-Kit extension (featuring four true bypass relay loops) is available, making tap dancing and sound loss on the pedalboard a thing of the past!

Programmable Guitar System

AMP1-Setup Programmable Guitar System


Switching Channels